Design Packages

Know how your custom piece will look

UNKOWN Render Dimensions.jpg

Professional Design

Bibliotheque provides design packages for all custom units. Designs are led by our in house designers and interior architect Oliver Perrett and powered by one of the most advanced German 3D CAD systems Pytha. Complete with our own quotation for your project, high resolution perspective renders and shop drawings so that your unit can be constructed by any able cabinet maker.


Free Quote

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We provide free quotes, usually after giving an indicative price for your project.


Written quotes are provided after a site visit and are itemised to reflect variations in chosen materials, paint and finishes and labour and factory costs associated with production and installation.

With every quote we provide an indicative render such as the one shown above

Full Design Package

Entertainment Unit DWGS.jpg
UNKOWN Render Dimensions.jpg
Bookshelf and Drawer Unit V.2 Side Eleva

Some prospective customers may have their own preferred builder for their project. We will provide a full rendered version of the project as well as detailed plans and elevations. We charge an hourly design fee for this. This feature is popular with builders who like to keep a hands on approach to the joinery in their projects.

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